Mirror of Kalandra
Mirror of Kalandra

POE Mirror of Kalandra

$ 300

The Mirror of Kalandra is the rarest and the most valuable currency in the Path of Exile game. Using it, you can create a mirror copy of any undefiled item, card or equipment. The reflected object has a special feature that doesn't let to reuse one more mirror. A copy is fully identical in indicators and characteristics, but you cannot influence it by other currencies (change the color of sockets, the number of items, quality). You can buy POE Mirror of Kalandra at a good price in the trade shop Gaming4ez.com.

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5 out of 5 (from 6108 gamers` rating)
Johan Tran
Order: PR******53 great
chak Bendig
Order: G4EZ****33 Very nice and fast service!
Joshua  Beard
Order: PR******47 Great as always. 5 stars for price and response time.
Ron Miles
Order: PR******04 The Best, hands down.

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